Terms of Reference (ToRs) for an external consultant to carry out end of year evaluation for NAWOU


1. Background

The National Association of Women’s Organizations in Uganda (NAWOU) advocates for the rights of women and girls and supports a vision of society where women are self-reliant and free from injustice. NAWOU is an umbrella organization of women-founded and women-led organizations in Uganda. Its membership is comprised of district-level networks that are clusters of community-based organizations, faith-based organizations, and national NGOs.  NAWOU’s mission is “To promote the growth of a strong women’s movement in Uganda that advocates for the rights of women and enhances their social-cultural, economic and political status”.

Under the strategic objectives of promoting peace and security in the lives of women, their families and communities and increasing program and organisational efficiency and effectiveness, NAWOU in partnership with Irish Aid (IA) in Uganda is implementing a three-year project entitled “the Rising to Protect Tipin and Kor’s Rights in Amudat and Moroto”.  The project seeks to articulate, profile and leverage the contextual and social dynamics to accelerate abandonment of female genital mutilation/cutting (FGM/C), which is heavily prevalent in Amudat and Moroto districts.  In addition, the project is building the capacities of six organisations under their umbrella, Karamoja Women’s Umbrella Organisation (KAWUO), for effective programming and governance of their organisations.   The co-implementing partners on the project are Amudat Inter-religious Development Initiative (AIDI) and KAWUO. 

The overall goal of the project is to contribute to protection of the rights of girls and women through supporting efforts aimed at reducing the prevalence of FGM/C in the communities of Amudat and Moroto districts by 2020. Specifically, the project is designed to:

  • increase the number of girls, boys, women and men with changed attitudes towards FGM/C in Amudat and Moroto by 2020; and
  • strengthen the organizational capacity of 6 women’s rights and development actors under KAWUO to advocate against FGM/C in Amudat and Moroto by 2020.

Following a project design aimed at strengthening responses aimed at the abandonment of FGM/C and using a holistic and integrated approach anchored on 4Ps of Prevention, Provision, Promotion, and Prosecution, the project, in the last eleven months has applied community led approach.  This has entailed strengthening capacities of community structures to monitor, track and hold duty bearers accountable to the rights of women and girls, particularly in reference to FGM/C and its effects.  The project has worked with key stakeholders including girls and boys in and out of school, women, elders, KAWUO member organisations, district local governments-in the focus districts, among others.  The target sub-counties currently are Karita, Loroo, & Amudat Town Council in Amudat and Tapac in Moroto. 

2.Purpose of the Consultancy

The project first year of implementation ends in September 2018.  The purpose of the consultancy is to conduct an end of year evaluation of the project to assess the extent of progress made, associated challenges, and to propose possible strategies for improvement. This will entail gathering and documenting data on the processes and achievements made towards influencing the abandonment of on FGM/C, related attitudes and practices in the two target districts.  It will include an assessment of progress in the six organisations whose organisational capacities are being developed. 

3. Objectives of the Consultancy

 The overall objective of the assignment is to provide an independent assessment of progress made by the project towards the realisation of set objectives, identify and document key successes including human stories, associated challenges, and propose approaches and/or strategies for improvement.

 Specifically, the evaluation will seek to:

  1. Establish the progress made in realising change of attitude in communities and the extent to which it might be contributing to the abandonment of and reducing the level of FGM/C practice in Amudat and Moroto districts
  2. Assess the level of knowledge of FGM Act and rights of women and girls among project beneficiaries
  3. Assess the effectiveness, contribution and potential of the COMBAT model in eliminating FGM/C in the two districts
  4. Assess the extent to which 6 KAWUO members have attained technical, financial, governance and leadership capacity to advocate for women and girls rights
  5. Assess the effectiveness, efficiency and sustainability of the project.


 4. Some evaluation questions for consideration

  1. What progress has been made in reducing the level of FGM in Amudat and Moroto districts?
  2. What is the level of knowledge of project beneficiaries on FGM Act?
  3. How effective was the COMBAT Model in contributing to the elimination of FGM in Amudat and Moroto districts?
  4. What is the level of technical, financial, governance and leadership capacity attained among 6 KAWUO members to advocate for women and girls rights?
  5. How effective, efficient and sustainable is the “Rising to Protect Tipin and Kor’s Rights” Amudat and Moroto districts?

5. Scope of Work

The coverage of the evaluation will be limited to Karita, Loroo, & Amudat Town Council in Amudat and Tapac in Moroto, as well as the administration of these districts.  NAWOU will guide the mobilizing of respondents in partnership with AIDI and KAWUO in the project districts. The Consultant or consultancy team will be expected to:

  1. Prepare and submit an inception report detailing the tools and methodologies to be deployed in the evaluation– part of the application process
  2. Prepare and submit a work plan for the evaluation for approval by NAWOU team.
  3. Conduct field visits/onsite interviews – these should include consultation sessions with all key stakeholders.
  4. Work closely with NAWOU, AIDI and KAWUO staff teams
  5. Prepare and submit a comprehensive evaluation report to NAWOU


6. Key Deliverables

  • An inception report;
  • Two hard copies and a CD of a detailed report
  • A post evaluation/ feedback meeting with the project implementation team
  • A final meeting with the NAWOU team                                                                                  

7. Time Frame

The survey will be executed from 8th October 2018 and field visits will last a period of one week. A report will by 26th October 2018

8. Supervision and Reporting

The consultant shall report to the Programme Manager, Peace and Security as the in-charge of the project, under the overall technical leadership and guidance by the Executive Director.

 9. Qualifications and experience required 

 Persons interested in the consultancy must have the following qualities:

  1. A Bachelor’s Degree in Development Studies, Social Work & Social Administration, and human rights, Social Sciences, Economics, Management and Communication are preferred options, or their equivalent. A Master’s Degree is an added advantage.
  2. strong and demonstrable background in monitoring and evaluation
  • at least five years’ experience in working on gender, women and girls’ rights, sexual and reproductive health rights for women and girls.
  1. Demonstrable experience in documenting and dissemination of information on women and girls’ health and rights.
  2. Good community communication skills.
  3. Awareness of protection issues given the sensitivity of FGM/C.
  • Acquaintance with rights based approaches to programming

10.  Submission of bids 

  Interested candidates are required to submit their bids not later 28th September, to admin@nawouganda.ug.   The bids should consist of the following:

  • A detailed technical proposal outlining the consultant’s understanding of the assignment and selected methodology.
  • A detailed financial proposal outlining the costing of the consultant’s professional fees and any consumables that might be required outside travel and accommodation. Consumables must be well documented and explained outside the professional fees.

NB:  NAWOU will cover costs of transportation and accommodation for the consultancy team.                         

NAWOU reserves the right to accept or reject any proposals.  These Terms of Reference are not an offer/contract and that the organization is not obligated to contract whoever responds to them.

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