While most of us look at old calendars, old posters, used up books and any other pieces of paper we don’t need any more as waste or junk, Jane Olaki, a resident of Kulambiro sees a gold mine. She has mastered the art of making items like bowls, jewelry boxes, dustbins, trays, wall hangings and the likes just out of mere paper. What started out as an experiment in 2013 when she made a simple jewelry box out of remainder paper from a previous project turned out to be the beginning of a potential business idea.

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“Some of the pieces made by Jane Olaki.”

Jane started the crafts making business back in 2007 when she used to make items out of paper beads. It wasn’t until 2013 that she decided to venture out and used the remaining paper material from the beads project to make a small jewelry box. Though the idea was not an immediate hit with her customers at first, but by 2014 people had started picking interest. It was then that she decided to expand the business and start making bowls, trays, wall hangings and dustbins or any order the customer would specifically want.


“Jane Olaki at NAWOU offices with her crafts.”

Production costs up to Shs. 60,000 depending on the item being made since each uses a different amount of material. Making an item depends on the type of piece being made so each item has a specific time frame attached to it depending on the order size. This is a great way of recycling unwanted paper material instead of throwing them away or storing them. Jane heard about NAWOU from a friend who encouraged her to join which she promptly did. She hopes to achieve a lot with her new membership and business partnership with NAWOU.

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“A tray, bowl and a jewelry holder. Some of the pieces made by Jane Olaki.” 


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