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Organizational Structure

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Organisational Structure

NAWOU is a membership organisation with three levels of membership. NAWOU members are women-founded and/or women-led organisations that address the interests and concerns of women, and aim at improving women’s social, political and economic status. The members are;


  • NGOs and women’s professional bodies
  • District Women’s Networks, which consist of 8 or more women’s groups or community-based organisations representing various districts of Uganda
  • Associate Members, who are individuals or organisations that provide services or benefit from NAWOU programmes.

NAWOU has three organs

The General Assembly

Which is the supreme decision-making organ of the organisation. The General Assembly consists of representatives from each member organisation and meets once a year at the Annual General Meeting. The General Assembly elects the Board of Directors.

The Secretariat

Which is the executive organ that runs the day-to-day affairs of the organisation. The Secretariat is currently headed by Executive Director Monica Emiru Enyou.

The Board of Directors

Which has 7 members – all women. The functions of the Board are to provide the strategic directions for NAWOU, adopt policies, and oversee the implementation of NAWOU’s work. The current President of the Board is Theodara Bitature Webale