When her husband left his family two months before the Coronavirus pandemic hit the country, Grace (not real name) was left devastated, uncertain of how she would single handedly fend for her five children. Her husband Timothy (not his real name) had moved to Kampala to seek means of survival for their family but this lasted a little while because of the pandemic. He returned to his home in Paya Sub County in Tororo district as a fallback position due to COVID 19.    

The effect of the corona virus and the measures put in place to stem its spread meant Timothy’s source of income was no more.  He couldn’t stand the lack of finances and resorted to selling off household food items such as cassava and maize.  He sold one garden of fresh cassava and 100kgs of maize which did not settle well with Grace. Upon confrontation and demanding accountability, he chased her out of their home with their five children.

National Association of Women Organizations of Uganda (NAWOU) working through the Community Based Action Teams (COMBATs) supported Grace to file a case at Paya Police station. Timothy was arrested and placed in police custody.  NAWOU staff, Nabwire Pauline in liaison with the Child and Family Protection Unit ensured the suspect was arraigned in court where he was later released on court bond. 

Since his release, Timothy along with his wife have been receiving counseling services from NAWOU through COMBATs on a weekly basis. According to Grace, Timothy has since become peaceful and supportive towards her and the children. They are now a happy family and are appreciative of the counselling services accorded to them.

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