NAWOU conducts follow up visits on participatory community dialogues in Luwero.

NAWOU conducted several follow up visits on participatory community dialogues in Luwero with  members of Bombo Women Living with Aids (BWOLA) ,Kavule Community Development GroupMagezi Bugagga and Tubebumu Kalasa Group. Basing on a problem tree demonstration to analyse the causes and effects of the problems with in each individual group, members were able to develop clear solutions to overcome the problems. with support of FOKUS Forum for women and development. NAWOU has been empowering and facilitating Luwero communities as a way of encouraging women to be more self reliant and economically independent. This is also a way of reconnecting with the different district networks around the country as we try to help more grass root women realize their potential.


 BWOLA members are grateful to NAWOU for supporting them with a solar drier which is used to dry fruits such as sweet bananas and pineapples for economic benefits to improve the status of the marginalized women.


Kavule Community Development group members after the participatory community dialogue facilitated by NAWOU with support of FOKUS.


Ms Katumba Deborah Chairperson Magezi Bugagga women’s group explaining to members using a problem tree demonstration on the causes and effects of problems affecting the group during the participatory community dialogue held at Kimazi Primary school in Kikyusa Sub County.


Mr Mawejje Ben, Chairperson Tubebumu Kalasa group and a farmer showing a disease hidden banana produce. “Pests and diseases for plants and animals are the biggest problem affecting farmers in Kalasa”. He said. NAWOU aims at building capacity of groups in improved methods of farming that can help curb the increased spread of pests and diseases so as to boost agricultural production.

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