Solomon Ssonko and Bridgette Nansubuga, a young couple based in Kiyindi- Buikwe, have lived together like many young couples who cannot negotiate with the predetermined dictates of culture and their significant position in family life. It was typical of Bridgette to carry out most the household duties while Solomon left for his workplace every morning.   

The couple was selected by Mukono Multipurpose Youth Organization (MUMYO) under the “Harnessing Women and youth potential” project supported by We Effect and participated in gender main streaming training for couples. This was in 2019 when they appreciated more the importance of husbands and wives not only working but also making family decisions together.

“It takes both husband and wife to recognize that they are the major stakeholders in their family especially how to appreciate and support each other” Solomon shared.

Solomon has with time adopted taking part in more house chores than before, appreciating Bridgette for even the slightest effort she makes towards a clean and comfortable home. The couple has become well regarded by their neighbors and saw it significant to reach out beyond.

Solomon and Bridgette have reached out to over 15 couples including the youth at their community church and it is pleasing to share that some are steadily adapting to working and making decisions together.

Solomon and Bridgette

“With the blessing of our 2-and-a-half-year-old son, Elijah Ssonko, Bridgette and I have grown to work and make decisions together not only for our benefit as family heads but also as stewards to which our son looks and learns from,” the couple said.

By Josephine Namatovu, Program Officer.

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