Leadership in Action: LCIII Chairperson Committed to Inspiring Others to Combat Violence against Women and Girls

Venacious Mbooye, the LCIII Chairperson of Kibalinga Sub-county in Mubende District, is one person extremely enthusiastic about the project to combat violence against women and girls. Combating violence against women, young women and girls is one of Mr. Mboonye’s priorities in leadership. However, while he admits to having considerable experience in community interventions on this issue, including supporting survivors of violence to rebuild their lives and dignity, he is still eager to learn more.

In his remarks during one of the training sessions under the Combating Violence Against Women and Girls implemented by NAWOU in partnership with Womankind Worldwide UK, he thanked NAWOU for mobilizing and organizing communities to take action to prevent and end violence against women and girls as well as providing COMBATs (Community-Based Anti-violence Teams) and the local leaders with in depth understanding of the vice and its negative impacts.


Mr. Venacious Mboonye during an awareness raising meeting in Kibalinga

He added that the training had increased his own level of awareness on human rights and the paths to follow in case such violence occurs in the community, as well as the role of the COMBATs and other leaders. “We are now aware of our role towards counselling victims and their families and guiding perpetrators who are sometimes misled in the thinking that men should trample on the rights of women and girls,” he said.

Armed with this new knowledge, Mr. Mboonye is now determined to continue protecting the rights of women and girls so that they live in a violence free environment in their communities. He held that, “I am also committing to work with the COMBATs and other institutions who are promoting non-violence for the development of our community and district.”

He urged the other participants to go back to their communities, spread the information about stopping violence against women and girls, utilizing the knowledge and skills gained from the training so as to develop their communities and nation at large.

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