Josephine Namatovu

Josephine Namatovu is the Project Officer – Peace and Security Programme.

With 5 years’ experience in project planning and management practices in non-profit organizations. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Development Economics and currently a practising projects and programs designer, planner, implementer, communicator and an advocate for economic justice, gender and human rights-based programming.

Over the years serving in the NGO space, Josephine prides in her advancement in facilitation skills to deliver participatory multi-stakeholder engagements, policy analysis, design and development, documentation and proposal development, establishing and maintaining strategic alliances, skilling community resource persons to analyse underlying issues and administer inherent community approaches for interventions.

Josephine is highly motivated by working in teams, mentoring, and skilling others and stepping up to new responsibilities. She is passionate about choral, band music, designing crafts and creative writing.

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