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[Hiring] Programmes Manager

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JD for Programmes Manager JD – March 2023


Job Title: Programmes Manager Prepared: March 2023
Directorate:  Programs Job Family: Programs
Reports to: Executive Director Grade: NAWOU – D2
Location: National Association of Women’s Organizations in Uganda (NAWOU)
Direct Reports: Programme Officer Peace & Security, Programme Officer Economic empowerment and Programme Officer, Governance, Leadership and Advocacy
Job Role
Role summary To provide leadership and management to NAWOU and its members in the development of programme and project designs and plans, capacity building; and facilitate implementation of interventions in a manner that empower members, partners, communities, and local institutions.  


Roles and responsibilities
Key Result Areas Duties and Responsibilities
  1. Coordinate strategic planning, program development, review and evaluation processes in line with the NAWOU strategic Plan
  • Provides technical guidance in the development of strategic plans and budgets
  • Guides and coordinates the development and review of annual plans, in line with NAWOU strategic plan and international frameworks. 
  • Coordinates the development of quarterly, half year and annual program work plans and budgets by all programme units
  • Participates and takes lead in the development and planning of alternative development models
  • Provides and coordinates national level input and participation in the national program processes, strategies and plans 
  • Strategic plans, budgets and their revisions finalised
  • Programme activities aligned to the strategic plan priorities and international frameworks
  • Annual review of the strategic plan
  • Annual work plans and budgets
  • Quarterly reviews of annual work plans
  1. Lead the development and implementation of a programme activities that will drive the achievement of set goals and utilization of funds while building relevant networks and synergies for the achievement of strategic objectives.
  • Provides technical guidance in program planning and implementation
  • Guide the implementation of annual plans in line with the NAWOU strategic plan
  • Receive and reviews all project and program reports to donors and other stake holders for onward submission to the Executive Director
  • Share and disseminate program plans and budgets within the organization
  • Approve program concepts and financial requests 
  • Review program expenditures from the respective Program Officers, to ensure conformity to the NAWOU Finance Policy and donor/ partner obligations
  • Monitor and account for program and project spend and variance reports
  • Approved work plans and budgets
  • Quarterly work plans 
  • Approved concepts
  • Effective implementation of the strategic plan
  • Quality program reports 
  1. Lead monitoring, evaluation and learning, ensuring that NAWOU continuously develops broad and deep understanding of thematic areas and how to enhance the impact of programme intervention on the lives of women in Uganda.
  • Identify program-related knowledge needs for NAWOU and its members, coordinate the generation, storage and access to knowledge.
  • Conduct field level visits to program areas to provide support supervision and guide program implementation, and monitoring visits to network members
  • Coordinate program and project reviews and evaluation within and outside the organisation for shared learning
  • Define key program information requirements of stakeholders and develop mechanisms for periodic provision of this information
  • Represent the organization in various program-related knowledge sharing and learning forums, document and share feedback with the team
  • Monitor and account for the implementation of and reporting on program implementation initiatives
  • Compliance with established policies 
  • Monitoring and evaluation frameworks in place 
  • Monitoring reports
  • Programme and project evaluation reports
  • Effective program execution
  • Application of NAWOU knowledge management (KM) Strategy
  1. Provide quality assurance to program related communication to both internal and external stakeholders of NAWOU
  • Champion and track the use of program-related knowledge in NAWOU and amongst its partners
  • Participate in the development of NAWOU’s Communications and Advocacy plan that results in key stakeholders being influenced effectively
  • Track trends in contemporary rights programming and program management practices, document and provide advice/ recommendations on key developments to NAWOU Management
  • Ensure effective information flow and communication with other stakeholders including partners 
  • Documents best practices for sharing with members, partners and relevant stakeholders
  • Coordinate documentation and sharing of change/ success stories for visibility through traditional and social media
  • Quality reports produced timely
  • Quality and timely reports submitted to donors 
  • Best practices shared with other stakeholders
  • Quality visibility write ups provided on a regular basis
  1. Supervise, motivate, appraise staff in the department and build the capacity of program and non-program staff in line with the organizational strategy and policies.
  • Set performance targets and appraise the program team in line with the NAWOU Human Resource HR Manual and other organizational policies and procedures 
  • Monitor performance and achievement of set targets for the program team
  • Motivate and provide feedback to the program team in line with the HR Manual and other organizational policies and procedures
  • Conduct training needs analysis, and recommend relevant training for staff being line managed 
  • Set up an enabling environment for staff performance, recognition and reward 
  • Participate in the review of staff job descriptions, and performance standards

Lead the NAWOU Programme team, in a manner that empowers them to deliver NAWOU’s goals and objectives.

  • Up-to-date staff job descriptions
  • Learning and development needs of staff identified
  • Staff adequately developed and trained
  • Staff performance objectives 
  • Performance appraisals for all staff conducted timely
  1. Provide leadership in networking, building strategic alliances and  resource mobilization efforts in line with the NAWOU with organisational strategies and policies
  • Participate in identifying and initiating strategic networks and alliances
  • Represent NAWOU and participate in network and alliance meetings, events and fora at national, regional and international levels
  • Plan and coordinate periodic national and regional network’s forums
  • Coordinate follow up actions arising from the partner’s forums
  • Initiate and nurture networks and alliances with academia, and research institutions
  • Participate and contribute to the identification of program funding gaps, priorities and opportunities
  • Contribute to the development of funding concepts and proposals, and follow up with donor agencies and partners
  • Follow up funding proposals 
  • Guide program staff in partner identification, capacity assessments and capacity building
  • Develop and lead the implementation and monitoring of the NAWOU partnership policy, strategy and plans, and membership charter
  • Funding concepts turned into proposals
  • A record of successful proposals by at least 50% of 
  • Up-to-date database of networks and partnerships
  • Effective representation of NAWOU
  • Actions from partner meetings effectively implemented
  • Up-to-date database of network members
  • Capacity development plans for members

List of members trained and supported

  1. Contribute to strategic decision making through Senior Management Meetings and support to the board on request
  • Attend and participate in NAWOU Senior management and, on request, NAWOU board meetings
  • Provide feedback on Management decisions to staff line managed 
  • Implement and follow up the implementation of Senior Management Key actions within the Program Unit
  • Provide periodic program reports and issues to Management meetings
  • Timely programme reporting to the Executive Director 
  • Action plans implemented effectively
  • Effective representation of NAWOU
  • Documented program management practices
  • Trends on contemporary rights programming


Person specification 
Core competencies: These are skills, behaviour and work-related attributes which are considered essential for all staff regardless of their function or level 

This criterion will be used as part of the performance management purposes

Achievement: Wants to do a good job and does not give up Is positive and enthusiastic about the job. Does not give up at the first obstacle, seeks to understand reasons for obstacles and find ways to overcome
Team working: Works Co-operatively Willingly co-operates. Is not afraid to seek advice from others. Puts in extra effort when needed to help others. Demonstrates ability to listen to, receive and understand instructions, give feedback, clarify information where necessary
Flexibility: Accepts Need for Flexibility Is open to new ideas and listens to other people’s points of view. Demonstrates willingness to change. Ability to adjust to any changes in schedule at short notice, working unusual hours
Customer Service: Delivers a Service Acts promptly to ensure customer problems are resolved. Makes him/herself available to the customer. Interacts well with all customers. Understands that each customer is different.
Educational qualification and experience 
Education & Certifications Bachelor’s degree in Social Sciences, Development Studies or management

Master’s degree in Development Studies or management from a recognized institution 

Training in:

  • Project planning and management 
  • Human Rights Based Approach 
  • Gender analysis and mainstreaming
  • Participatory approaches and methodologies 
  • Governance, Civic empowerment and accountability
  • Monitoring and evaluation
Essential Experience A minimum of 5 years working experience, with at least 3 at management level in program management in an NGO with a bias towards the poverty and women rights
Essential Knowledge
  • Strategic planning and management 
  • Poverty and women rights analysis
  • Human Rights Based Approach to Development
  • Staff and partner capacity development
  • Communication and public relations
  • Resource Mobilization and Monitoring
  • Networking and collaboration
  • Program reviews, monitoring and evaluation
Essential Skills
  • People management skills
  • Budgeting and Finance Management skills
  • Program management skills 
  • Performance management
  • Funding proposal development
  • Planning and Budgeting 
  • Activism skills
  • Maturity and high level of integrity 
  • Networking and stakeholder management skills
  • Public Policy formulation and analysis


Accepted by: (Employee) Witnessed by: (Supervisor) 


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