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[Hiring] Finance and Administration Manager



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JD for Finance Admin Manager March 2023


Job Title: Finance and Administration Manager Prepared: March 2023
Directorate:  Finance Job Family: Finance 
Reports to: Executive Director Grade: NAWOU– D2
Location: National Association of Women’s Organisations in Uganda (NAWOU)
Direct Reports: Accountant, Administrator
Job Role
Role Overview: To provide financial and administrative management and ensuring all policies & procedures, donor regulations, accounting standards and local laws are complied with


Key roles and responsibilities 
Key Result Areas Duties and Responsibilities
  1. Review and consolidate NAWOU plans and budgets in line with the NAWOU Strategy and planning guidelines
  • Prepare and complete necessary budget templates
  • Review unit budgets with unit heads and recommend for submission
  • Consolidate and upload budgets into NAWOU’s financial information system in a timely manner
  • Prepare necessary financial and funds request documents as per approved budget, revise budgets in line with changes in the budget
  • Approved annual budgets
  • Annual budgets uploaded into the financial system by February of the financial year, and or, as and when approved by partner/donor
  1. Prepare for and timely respond/attend to the needs of internal and external auditors and implement recommendations in line with the NAWOU Finance Policy
  • Prepare audit schedules as per checklist made available and any other pertinent supporting analysis. reports and other relevant schedules for internal and external auditors
  • Coordinate the pre- & post (exit) audit meetings
  • Communicate and discuss in time and in desired format audit requirements to ensure that audit timetables and guidelines are adhered to
  • Follow – up responses and clear audit issues both internal and external
  • Unqualified audits
  • Audit issues raised addressed comprehensively
  1. Prepare and submit periodic financial reports, schedules, Tables in line with the NAWOU Finance Policy and statutory requirement to the ED on time for review and submission
  • Prepare management accounts, reporting schedules, and relevant financial documents to be discussed in the management meeting and finance and administration audit committee.
  • Follow up and monitor performance of various projects and departments through variance analysis to identify adverse trends and report to the ED for Management action
  • Produce quarterly expenditure reports for NAWOU for subsequent approval by the ED
  • Check and follow-up all monthly tax payments, statutory & regulatory deductions & other returns are accurate & complete as well as they are remitted in time
  • Budget monitoring reports
  • Monthly and quarterly Financial reports.
  • Compliance to policy
  • Quarterly expenditure reports
  1. Review all payments to ensure adequate support documents and timely and proper filing, maintenance and custody of accounts records & documents in defined area of work for ease of reference and retrieval
  • Check all Electronic Funds Transfers (EFT’s) / cheque payments and review of respective journals 
  • Review all staff accountabilities and claims or refunds
  • Review support documents like invoices and payment vouchers prior to submitting them for approval.
  • File and keep proper record of all prepayments, accruals and related accounts
  • Prepare and submit to the ED, the payroll for final review and approval
  • Track, update, document and post into the ledger all funds remitted / transferred in favour of NAWOU
  • Financial records well maintained
  • Compliance to policy
  • All payments well supported
  1. Review and analyse accounts/balances relating to the general ledger control account and reconciliations of subsidiary schedules ensuring accuracy and prompt processing as per the NAWOU Finance Policy Financial Management guidelines
  • Check & authorize entries for correctness, accuracy, and prompt processing into the various Accounts 
  • Check all transactions for correct coding and post to the NAWOU financial information system
  • Review reconciliations of subsidiary schedules/records, suspense sundry debtors & creditors accounts ensuring no amounts are held unresolved for undue periods of time
  • Review bank reconciliations for ALL NAWOU & project accounts
  • Follow-up and monitors agreed period cut-off dates and process – depreciation, accruals, adjustments and prepayment allocations
  • All transactions well coded
  • Signed bank reconciliations
  1. Manage, monitor the utilization and maintain an up-to-date Asset register in line with the NAWOU Finance Policy
  • Update of Fixed Assets Register in the NAWOU finance information system, ensuring appropriate accounting for Fixed Assets (including proper treatment of depreciation)
  • Verify all NAWOU assets are under insurance cover at all times and renewed whenever policies expire
  • Carry out any stock take and fixed assets verification exercise
  • An up-to-date asset register
  • Insurance cover for all assets
  • Periodic assets verification 
  1. Maintenance of the NAWOU financial information system and processing requirements up to date and implement core and good information system disciplines and practices as recommended by the software providers
  • Back up the financial information system and keep a log and submit to the ED
  • Check correctness and consistency of accounting structure – account codes, in the financial information systems
  • Check access and apply system security and safety procedures and requirements to protect the completeness, accuracy and integrity of accounting data and information 
  • Back up of financial information
  • System security and safety procedures
  1. Coordinate the planning and develop the unit annual budgets in line with NAWOU policies, guidelines, donor requirements and best practice
  • Review the NAWOU Finance Policy and the donor and budget guidelines and provide / document guidance to relevant stakeholders
  • Coordinate/consult and Make budget estimates of the planned activities and make comparisons between last year’s budgets to the current year’s budget to ascertain realism
  • Prepare the budgets as per the requirements of the NAWOU Finance Policy
  • Annual budgets prepared as per established guidelines
  • Compliance to financial policy
  1. Build capacity of staff in financial management and provide technical financial support to NAWOU staff in line with NAWOU policies, international accounting standards, statutory requirements and best practice
  • Carry out training and give support to staff on financial system and Procedures. 
  • Hold staff meetings-Unit, general meetings  
  • Participate and provide technical input in procurement process and meetings, technical input to other unit budget processes, staff coaching and training, queries and consultations from staff
  • Produce ad hoc reports as per requests, facilitate Finance units audit processes 
  • Staff compliance to financial policy and procedure
  • Staff trained in financial management 
  1. Participate in generation and sharing of finance-related knowledge amongst NAWOU and its partners in line with the NAWOU Knowledge Management Strategy
  • Generate financial information for stakeholders and provide periodic updates of this information
  • Represent the organisation / Unit in assigned finance-related knowledge sharing and learning forums, document and share feedback with the team
  • Periodically carry out research on trends in contemporary financial management practices, document and provide advice/ recommendations on key developments to the ED
  • Quality and timely reports submitted to stakeholders
  1. Human Resources Management 
  • Ensure that the NAWOU complies with the Uganda employment law and regulations of human resources administration.
  • Manage the recruitment of staff in an appropriate and timely manner. Provides staff briefing and orientation regarding all of the operational areas.  Also provides counselling on personnel-related issues, including career development.
  • Support the ED to prepare contracts for staff, consultants, interns and volunteers
  • Develop and maintains a suitable performance management system for NAWOU staff.
  • Responsible for payroll administration and management
  • Maintains a record of all staff in a proper manner
  • Compliance with the human resource policy and Uganda labour laws
  • Staff contracts in place
  • Payroll processed in time
  • Payroll disbursements (PAYE, LST, NSSF) returned to the relevant authorities in time
  1. Administration
  • Acquires all expendable and non-expendable properties (administrative and/or programme supplies), ensuring that   procurement is made according to organization’s rules, regulations and procedures. 
  • Controls inventory, its utilization and disposal.
  • Identifies and proposes appropriate office accommodation, (i.e., purchase vs rental, ensures maintenance of premises, security of staff, office premises, equipment and supplies).  Also advises staff on appropriate housing accommodations.
  • Compliance with the procurement policy
  • An update Procurement plan in place
  1. Resource mobilisation
Be actively involved in resource mobilisation through proposal writing and fundraising.

Take lead in ensuring that the NAWOU Social Enterprise is profitable.

Come up with other ideas on how to increase funding.

Have a futuristic mind set on how sustainability can be achieved.

Standards Growing and expanding the social enterprise.

Regular proposal writing support to ED and other managers.

An updated fundraising strategy.


Person Specification

Core competencies: These are skills, behaviour and work-related attributes which are considered essential for all staff regardless of their function or level 

This criterion will be used as part of the performance management purposes

Achievement: Wants to do a good job and does not give up Is positive and enthusiastic about the job. Does not give up at the first obstacle, seeks to understand reasons for obstacles and find ways to overcome
Team working: Works Co-operatively Willingly co-operates. Is not afraid to seek advice from others. Puts in extra effort when needed to help others. Demonstrates ability to listen to, receive and understand instructions, give feedback, clarify information where necessary
Flexibility: Accepts Need for Flexibility Is open to new ideas and listens to other people’s points of view. Demonstrates willingness to change. Ability to adjust to any changes in schedule at short notice, working unusual hours
Customer Service: Delivers a Service Acts promptly to ensure customer problems are resolved. Makes him/herself available to the customer. Interacts well with all customers. Understands that each customer is different.
Educational qualification and experience 
Education & Certifications Bachelor’s Degree in either Commerce (Accounting) or Business Administration (Accounting) or Business Studies (Accounting) or Finance and Accounting with full Professional Accounting Qualifications such as ACCA, CPA, ACIS, CIMA 
Essential Experience A minimum of 5 years working experience with finance preferably in an NGO sector
Essential Knowledge
  • Good knowledge in use of QuickBooks accounting software and/or ability to adjust to software applications. 
  • Donor financial accounting procedures 
  • Good knowledge of GAAP, IAS in preparing financial reports.
  • Microsoft applications like Word, Advanced Excel, power point, financial information systems as well as database and other accounting packages.
  • Tax laws and systems in Uganda
  • Operations of sub grant partners/community-based organizations
  • Good knowledge and understanding of Human Resource practices and policies
Essential Skills
  • Budgeting and budgetary control
  • Analytical skills 
  • Asset/inventory management
  • Capacity building skills
  • Communication and networking
  • Proven integrity
  • Interpersonal skills


Accepted by: (Employee) Witnessed by:  (Supervisor) 


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