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[Hiring] Executive Director

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JD for Executive Director March 2023


Job Title: Executive Director Prepared:  August 2020
Directorate:  Executive Director’s Office Job Family: CEO
Reports to: Board of Directors Grade: NAWOU – ED – O1
Location: National Association of Women’s Organisations in Uganda (NAWOU)
Direct Reports: Finance and Administration Manager; Programmes Manager.
Job Role
Role Summary

The Executive Director (ED) provides vision, leadership, management and effective high-level national and international representation for National Association of Women Organizations in Uganda (NAWOU).

The ED is accountable for overseeing the development and implementation of the NAWOU Strategic Plan. The ED role requires great understanding of Economic, social, cultural and political empowerment context of Uganda, East Africa and Africa 

The ED will work closely with the NAWOU Board and manage highly effective team and work in collaboration with other parts of the women movement in Uganda.

The ED is an advisor and provides technical support to the Board of Directors (BoD) as well as implementation of the decisions of the BoD on development of the organisation’s strategic plans, business plans and master budget in collaboration with the Senior Management Team



Key roles and responsibilities
Key Result Areas Duties and Responsibilities
  1. Organisational Representation
Represent NAWOU in a variety of forums and maintain external relationships within a diverse range of stakeholders in the sector including national government, key national, regional and international NGOs, donors, academic, social movements, the media and other relevant institutions in Uganda, in the region and globally.
  • NAWOU is represented in all strategic meetings called upon by the networks and fora
  • Effective engagement in the meetings
  1. Institutional Governance

Work with the Board to develop and implement effective governance; carry out duties in accordance with the authorities delegated under NAWOU’s constitutional documents and lead the development of appropriate policies, procedure, structures & systems:

  • Work with the NAWOU Board in ensuring the organisation is aligned with good practices in governance.
  • Develop and manage sound relationship with Board Chair/Board members.
  • Collaborate with the NAWOU Board to identify and manage risk and inform the NAWOU Board of any development that may have policy implications.
  • Work with the NAWOU President and ensure the Board meetings strategically address organisation concerns. 
  • Board meetings address strategic issues
  • Board meetings are conducted in a timely manner and right frequency
  • Board minutes are well maintained
  • Board decisions are well implemented 
  • Approved Board Manual 
  • Board appraisal 
  1. Strategic Leadership and Management 

Provide thought leadership to the NAWOU team and stakeholders, supporting the development of innovative strategies for enhancing the contribution of the organization towards a society where women are self-reliant and free from injustice.

  • Leading and coordinating the planning and effective implementation of the network programmes and activities in relation to the network strategic objectives, plans and priorities.
  • Supporting the BoD in ensuring the effective overall management of the organization including compliance with all legal and statutory requirements as well as the effective implementation of Board decisions and directives.
  • Supporting the BoD in the development and implementation of policies for the effective management of the affairs of the organisation.
  • Overseeing the development and implementation of performance management systems; ensuring the adequate supervision and disciplinary issues
  • Supporting the BoD with development, approval and implementation of personnel policies in line with national laws and policies.
  • Instituting mechanisms for staff health, safety, security and welfare 
  • Compliance with legal and statutory requirements
  • Effective implementation and compliance to NAWOU policies and 
  • Updated and approved polices for procedures 
  • Up-to-date performance management systems 
  1. Strategy Development and Implementation
  • Lead and account for the delivery of NAWOU’s strategic plan and oversee the implementation, monitoring and evaluation of the strategy.
  • Lead and direct the work of NAWOU in accordance with sound management practices and NAWOU’s development policies and accountability systems.
  • Ensure all programme activities are sensitive to and responsive to changes in the political, social, and economic environments.
  • Develop and maintain appropriate contingency plans for all kinds of emergencies. 
  • Approved and up-to-date strategic plan 
  • Approved annual work plans and budgets
  • Monitoring and evaluation system in place
  • Timely execution of activities 
  1. Resource Mobilisation

Ensure the financial viability and sustainability of NAWOU through effective resource mobilisation and management; ensuring that risks are identified and adequately managed:

  • Spearhead the mobilisation of the necessary resources for the network programmes and activities and ensure effective and accountable resource utilization and overall financial security and sustainability of the network
  • Coordinate the funding process in liaison with NAWOU Senior Management team including overseeing that proposals to donors are well written and compliant with reporting and accountability measures 
  • Establish and develop working relationships with key donors in Uganda and actively develop local funding sources appropriate to NAWOU’s resource needs
  • Develop and maintain a risk management framework and effective policies for the mitigation of key programme risks;
  • An up-to-date resource mobilisation strategy
  • Adequate resources mobilised for the organisation
  • Increased funding from exiting donors/funders
  1. Communications and Campaign

5. Lead in the development of NAWOU’s Communications and Advocacy strategy; ensuring that the strategy and implementation plan will result in key stakeholders being influenced effectively

  • Lead the development a communication and advocacy strategy that will deepen the impact of communication work, identify key priorities, channels, audiences and messages to establish an appropriate public image for NAWOU in line with NAWOU values and culture
  • Lead the development and manage a sound relationship with all sections of the media and ensure that any published material accurately reflects the views of NAWOU.
  • Encourage the development of appropriate research with a view to improving the quality of field work and influencing change in policy to improve the quality of life for women and productivity of Ugandans.
  • Conduct campaigns to create connections between communities and various duty bearers to increase the public’s awareness of, and support for their cause.
  • Communication and advocacy strategy
  • Good media relations
  • Researches and publications
  • Campaigns conducted in collaboration with network members
  1. HR Management

Take the lead in developing and building an NAWOU team that is fully engaged and committed to delivering the overall objectives of NAWOU; drive the development and execution of the overall human resource strategy and systems:

  • Provide leadership in the Undertake the day-to-day management of the Secretariat including the recruitment, supervision and support of all the Secretariat staff.
  • Ensure an effective and appropriate staff recruitment, induction, appraisal, and remuneration and development policies and practices at all levels to ensure the optimum utilisation and development of NAWOU human resources.
  • Appoint, develops and manages all senior staff. Ensure a high calibre of staff is recruited while promoting a gender balance in the organisation, and that optimum investments are made in their development.
  • Lead a qualified and valued NAWOU team, based on equality and diversity, and provide this team with an empowering and enabling environment conducive to quality programming by fostering innovation, ongoing learning and team work
  • Promotes staff exchange, secondment and development schemes, where these contribute to the meeting of NAWOU’s programme objectives and priorities
  • Organisational structure filled to capacity 
  • Well-motivated staff
  • Staff retention
  • Staff trained and developed
  • Effective program implementation
  1. Finance, budgeting and Assets management 

Working closely with the Director of Finance and Administration Manager  ensure financial management compliance with national financial regulations, as well as NAWOU’s own financial and administrative policies and procedures.

  • Lead the preparation of Prepare budgets and financial plans to ensure that that the control of expenditure and the disbursement of resources in accordance with the established procedures;
  • Ensure the financial integrity and accountability of NAWOU in accordance with NAWOU’s Financial Management framework
  • Manage the financial resources allocated to or raised by the organisation is in compliance with approved policies/ frameworks as well as national laws and donors’ regulations;
  • OverseeSupervises NAWOU’s financial management systems using professional standards consistent with national and international financial regulations
  • Guide the timely development of Ensure regular progress and financial reports are developed as required by the government, , the Board of Directors /Assembly and NAWOU’s accountability procedures and as required by funding partner/ donor organisations. 
  • Ensure mutual accountability between NAWOU and related stakeholders with the establishment of all organisational processes, systems and policy to ensure the effectiveness of NAWOU.
  • Maintain an efficient internal control framework to ensure that NAWOU has a well-balanced, well documented and cost-effective programme
  • Approved annual financial plans and budgets 
  • Unqualified audits
  • Compliance to policies and procedures
  • Accountability and integrity of the financial processes
  • Prudent management of financial resources 
  • An update asset register
  1. Partnership management, coordination and development

Build and manage relationships and partnerships with key actors; ensure the development and implementation of influencing strategies and interventions that drive change, uptake of NAWOU’ programme activities, and achievement of NAWOU’s strategic goals:

  • Manage and encourage the co-operative relationships established with various specialist institutions and partners in the country and ensure that these joint initiatives conform to programme objectives and strengthen the profile of NAWOU.
  • Lead the development and implementation of country-specific guidelines for the management of partnerships in line with the NAWOU Strategic Plan and other relevant organizational policies
  • Maintain positive and effective relations between the NAWOU Secretariat and members as well as between NAWOU and her partners, government departments as well as other relevant organizations and institutions.
  • Maintain good relationships with donors, partners and other program stakeholders for effective, efficient and sustainable programming and programme delivery 
  1. Market development for crafts products 
  • Identify and maintain local and international markets for the crafts produced by the women groups
  • Supervise the development of Ensure the crafts are developed to the required standard fit for local and international markets, within the relevant time frame.
  • UpholdSustain Ensure the visibility of NAWOU’s brand and maintains brand image 
  • Ensure a sustainable market for the products locally and internationally
  • Local and international markets sustained
  • Sustainable operations of the crafts
  • Visibility of NAWOU brand 


Core competencies: These are skills, behaviour and work-related attributes which are considered essential for all staff regardless of their function or level 

This criterion will be used as part of the performance management purposes

Achievement: Wants to do a good job and does not give up Is positive and enthusiastic about the job. Does not give up at the first obstacle, seeks to understand reasons for obstacles and find ways to overcome
Team working: Works Co-operatively Willingly co-operates. Is not afraid to seek advice from others. Puts in extra effort when needed to help others. Demonstrates ability to listen to, receive and understand instructions, give feedback, clarify information where necessary
Flexibility: Accepts need for flexibility Is open to new ideas and listens to other people’s points of view. Demonstrates willingness to change. Ability to adjust to any changes in schedule at short notice, working unusual hours
Customer Service: Delivers a Service Acts promptly to ensure customer problems are resolved. Makes him/herself available to the customer. Interacts well with all customers. Understands that each customer is different.
Person Specification
Education & Certifications
  • Bachelors degree in Social Sciences, Development Studies or management
  • Masters degree in any relevant social sciences discipline from a recognized institution 
Essential Experience
  • A minimum of 5 years in the top management position of development work, advocating for the rights of women and girls with proven initiative, flexibility and enthusiasm in managing complex activities in a changing environment. Experience working as Programme Director or Executive director for similar organisation is an advantage.
  • Demonstrated senior management expertise, including proven ability to develop the capacities of multi-disciplinary professional teams undertaking comprehensive poverty alleviation strategy. 
  • Proven experience on successful fundraising programmes with emphasis on regular giving and corporate fundraising. 
  • Demonstrated expertise in strategic and long-term planning and the ability to ensure that operational plans and activities meet targets and appropriately reflect longer term perspectives. 
  • Proven experience of working and negotiating with Government officials and/or donors at all levels 
  • Fundraising skills with proven track recording in contract management from bilateral and multilateral donors
Essential Knowledge
  • Sound and up to date knowledge of development concepts, methodologies and techniques including demonstrated expertise in at least one specialist development field preferably knowledge of the rights-based approaches and social inclusion.
  • Sound awareness of the political, social, economic and historic environment in which NAWOU’s programmes are operating at both national and community levels.
  • Familiarity with the context of the country as it affects development strategies. 
Essential Skills
  • Strong leadership and management skills
  • People management skills
  • Strong analytical/ problem solving, and management of crisis, conflict and risk
  • Excellent negotiation and communication skills, including demonstrated ability to handle sensitive diplomatic and Government level negotiations on matters affecting NAWOU programmes.
  • Monitoring and Evaluation
  • Program management skills 
  • Performance management
  • Planning and Budgeting 


Accepted by: (Employee) Witnessed by: (Supervisor) 


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