Gender Equality Statistics Training: Using Numbers for Evidence Based Advocacy

NAWOU Program Manager –Ms.  Susan Asio is currently in Sweden undertaking training in Gender Statistics. The training is facilitated by Statistics Sweden in collaboration with Sida. As the National Umbrella and women’s voice in Uganda, NAWOU is mandated to collect, analyze and disseminate gender dis aggregated data, both qualitatively and quantitatively, for evidence based advocacy on gender related laws and legislations and on women’s empowerment and gender equality. The training creates a platform for experience sharing and learning from different country contexts that is Sweden, Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda, Bangladesh and Palestine and from different institutions including Government Ministries, Civil Society and National Statistical Bureaus to enhance production of high quality statistics. As a result, a National Network to monitor and evaluate development and use of Statistical data will be formed.


“The team of participating countries in the ITP Gender Statistics Training (Uganda, Rwanda, Tanzania, Bangaladesh, Palestine and Sweden) Program after the training”


“Participants engaged in group discussions during the training”


“Participants engaged in group discussions during the training”


“Participants engaged in group discussions during the training”

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