FGM Project Launched in Karamoja

NAWOU’s President, Christine Kasule Mugerwa and the LC V Chairman Amudat officially launch the project.


NAWOU, with support from Irish Aid has launched the “Rising to Protect Tipin and Kor’s rights in Amudat” a project aimed at reducing incidence of Female Genital Mutilation/Cutting in Amudat District. The 3-year project implemented in partnership with Amudat Inter-religious Development Initiative-AIDI and Karamoja Women’s Umbrella Organization-KAWUO intends to contribute to an FGM free Amudat through building capacities and strengthening responses aimed at abandonment of FGM in the district. Amudat has one of the highest rates of FGM and one of the lowest rates of literacy for women and girls in the country. The project is designed to strengthen responses aimed at the abandonment of FGM/C in Amudat. It will use a holistic and integrated approach anchored on 4Ps of Prevention, Provision, Promotion, Prosecution with a focus on using community structures to effect change.


The Amudat LCV Chairperson and the President of NAWOU presided over the launch of the project.  They were joined by the District Councilors of Amudat, the District Community Development Officers of Amudat and Moroto, the Probation Officer, Moroto, the District Police Commander Amudat and the Irish Aid Focal Point in Karamoja (will send her name).  The ED NAWOU, the Board member representing Eastern region on the NAWOU Board and the Board of Directors of Amudat Inter-religious Development Initiative (AIDI, the Board members of Karamoja Women’s Umbrella organisation (KAWUO) and  were also present.

The District Police Commander, Amudat makes a commitment to support the project. 

The  Chief Administrative Officer, Moses Agum expressed appreciation for the project and noted that there is no better approach to creating change than by working with the local communities themselves, because they understand the issues, and because they will agree on workable solutions to their issues that affect them.  He appreciated NAWOU for believing in its rural members and thanked Irish Aid for funding a project that looks at both addressing programmatic issues as well as capacity building of organisations in Karamoja.


Christine Mugerwa Kasule, the President of NAWOU who spoke at the meeting noted that although culture is a good thing and an integral part of someone’s identity, it has both positive and negative aspects.  It is important that the positives are upheld for communities to be proud of who they are.  On the other hand, negative aspects of culture must be dropped because they violate rights of some individuals in the community.  While some of these might have thrived in the past, this was largely due to ignorance about equal rights.  Today, any culture that disadvantages one group over another is unacceptable and people should realise that culture is dynamic and changes based on context. 


The leaders and participants made commitments towards project implementation.

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