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Frequently Asked Questions

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The National Association of Women’s Organizations in Uganda (NAWOU) is a registered umbrella organization of women based organisations in Uganda promoting the rights of women and girls through evidence-based advocacy & networking; research & documentation; capacity building and partnerships to contribute to women’s political, socio-cultural and economic development. NAWOU boasts of being the most grounded women’s organization given its countrywide membership scope.

NAWOU’s work mainly focuses on strengthening women’s economic independence, peace and security, enhancing women’s participation in leadership and decision making as well as building women and girl’s agency to defend their rights.

NAWOU’s membership is in two categories i.e. FBOS & NGOs and District Networks

 The membership registration process involves;

  1. Submitting an  application expressing interest to join NAWOU membership
  2. Once the application is approved by Secretariat, then
  3. Fill-in the NAWOU membership registration form
  4. Fill-in the Membership Profile Form
  5. Return/send the registration form with;  A Copy of your organization’s constitution or any other supporting documents to /
  6. If you are a membership Organisation, please indicate the number of members in your organisation
  7. Pay Membership fees of 200,000/= If the organisation is FBO & NGO.
  8. For District Women’s Networks, membership is based on the number of CBOs within the network i.e. constitutionally a network must have at least 8 CBOs to register with NAWOU. Fees is as follows

At least 8 CBOs pay:                                      UGX 200,000/=

More than 8 CBOs but less than 16 pays: UGX 300,000/=

More than 16 CBOs & above pays: UGX 400,000/=

  1. Then a membership Certificate is issued by Secretariat

For a CBO to join a NAWOU District Network, It must be;

  1. Registered with district local government
  2. It must be women based CBO with activities contributing to community development
  3. Must have 30 members and above
  4. Must pay membership fees to the NAWOU district membership structure

Membership funds can be paid in cash at NAWOU office or through bank on 

Banking details for Annual Subscription Fees:

Account Name:          NAWOU-AJWSP Recovery Account

Account Number:      02040340021

Bank Name:                Bank of Africa

Currency:                    Uganda Shillings

For further details about membership processes please contact; and

One has to belong to an active group creating and producing products like baskets and crafts. To receive further training, the group can contact NAWOU through the various social media sites, call on the official numbers or get in touch with district networks that are operational for reference

Additional Inquiries

We’re glad to respond to your queries. 

Head office address:

Plot 1 Coronation Rd , Bakuli Old Kampala, off Hoima Road P.O.Box 1663, Kampala Uganda

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