Joyce Nakkazi, group leader Kazinga women’s group living in Nsangi Wakiso district heading a household of thirteen (13) has been one of NAWOU’s artisans for over twenty years. Having partial visual impairment, as a child with a passion for weaving and blending beautiful colors, she always thought she would never be fully accepted by society.

“I thank NAWOU for being inclusive in her programs and for believing in our group since the year 2000,” she said gratefully. “Our group has been producing the first samples for new products developed for clients. We produce baskets collectively depending on the available orders and each one of us has expertise in different designs of baskets.”

Joyce Nakazzi at NAWOU secretariat presenting a basket she made.

When she and others joined NAWOU, they received extensive capacity building opportunities in basketry and were equipped with skills in production of different designs that were on high demand on the international market. Over the years they became expert producers of baskets and their network was widened enabling them to recruit more women in the group which grew the number of artisans.

“I started saving some money from the orders we got from NAWOU and this enabled me construct my own house, take care of me family and meet my other needs. Part of the savings were also invested in piggery as an alternative source income since craft orders are seasonal.”

Joyce standing outside her newly constructed home in Nsangi, Wakiso district.

She currently strives to transform lives of other women within her community through training them in basket weaving and making, and this will eventually grow artisan network in Uganda.

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