My name is Daisy Namayanja. I live in Kinawa zone, Kampala district. I started weaving baskets when I was a young girl. In my culture, this is a skill almost every girl was required to learn by the age of fifteen (15). I have five (5) children whom I have raised by myself and educated to University level which also paved way to their self-reliance. I wouldn’t have managed to see this happen if I was not involved in the NAWOU Handmade social enterprise.

My association with NAWOU dates way back to 2007. NAWOU runs a social enterprise project titled NAWOU Handmade, through which economic empowerment opportunities are extended to organized groups of vulnerable women . Through this initiative, women’s entrepreneurial skills and potential is enhanced to fashion artistic handmade products that portray Uganda’s cultural heritage. NAWOU supports product design, quality production, marketing and capacity building processes for vulnerable women.

Daisy Namayanja at NAWOU Secretariat

I have been making baskets of all designs and types which have been sold in foreign countries like America, Australia, New Zealand and Turkey. Every month I am able to weave up to 20 baskets, depending on the size and design as some can be a bit complex and need more time to perfect the quality.

From my crafts, I can make 250,000 Uganda shillings per month per order which has helped me to take care of my family. I am very grateful to NAWOU for working with women like me. I have learnt team work through my artisans’ group as we carryout production activities together. My social capital and networks have widened as a result of interacting with fellow producers and craft buyers. I am happy that my baskets have gone where I have not gone or will never travel.

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