Men who belong to or participate in organized groups like Village Savings and Loans Associations (VSLAs) or Primary Cooperative (PCs) are more sensitive to gender issues or supportive of improved lives of women in their families and community.

Bruno Oryegiu, is one of these men in his community.

A resident in Leda, Zombo District, Bruno is a passionate community resource person (male champion) whose pride stems from contributing to improved livelihood of women in the district. He is among the cooperators selected by Okoro Coffee Farmers Association to participate in the gender training activities conducted by NAWOU from 2018 to date.

“Having received information on gender roles in the model couples training conducted in 2019, I appreciated that equality did not connote women robbing men of their rights, rather encouraged working together for the benefit of women, men and families at large,” testified Bruno. “As a result, I started to support my wife Sunday Atima (aged 28) in the management of our home by engaging in house chores and helping her with her business. Being a community VSLA trainer in the district, I shared the knowledge I received in the gender trainings by NAWOU to women members in VSLA groups along with their husbands.”

Sunday Atima and Bruno Oryiegiu share a light moment during the Refresher Training of ToTs ( model couples) in Nebbi in April 2020

Raising awareness on gender equality earned Bruno a recommendation to the Zombo District COVID19 task force as an exemplary cyclists in the Leda sub county. He became part of the Motorcycle Ambulance Team which transported expectant mothers and other vulnerable people to access health facilities during the three (3) months total country lock-down.

Bruno with the Motorcycle Ambulance.

Amidst the challenges of reaching very distant places at odd hours on most days (late in the night) to support vulnerable people reach health centers, 33-year-old Bruno Oryegiu was gratified about being not only a resource to the community but saving lives of the most vulnerable during the hardest of times when the world was hit by the COVID19 Pandemic.  

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